Mission, Goals & Guiding Principles

UCLA’s current administrative support systems were developed in the 1980s, and the financial systems no longer meets the University’s needs. In order to achieve crucial, modern efficiencies, streamline reporting needs, and meet regulatory requirements, UCLA decided to implement Oracle Financials Cloud.

Since adopting its mainframe system, UCLA has experienced remarkable growth, and the University will continue to evolve. The flexibility and adaptability of the new system will allow staff to focus on UCLA's core mission, empowered by up-to-the-minute data and robust reporting capabilities. The adoption of the new system will ensure that the culture of innovation, efficiency, ambition and data-driven decisions continues. 

For more information about Ascend’s mission, goals, and guiding principles, review the Ascend Project Charter.


The implementation of Oracle Financials Cloud as part of the Ascend Project will support UCLA’s core mission by modernizing financial systems and transforming business.  


Success is measurable. The project team believes that achieving the following goals will signify a successful implementation, empowering UCLA to meet the challenges of 21st century higher education and to take on new projects to promote the University's growth.

  • Effectiveness: The new system will allow UCLA to support strategic decision-making by ensuring the quality of data, and by empowering the administration to aggregate it in new and powerful ways.
  • Efficiency: Implementing Oracle Financials Cloud will help UCLA improve productivity through streamlined business processes, allowing users to spend less time on non-mission critical tasks and more time looking to the future.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Appropriate usage of University resources is important. The new system will be a cost-effective addition to UCLA's portfolio of technology, with enhanced capabilities enabling future savings. 
  • Usability: The new system will provide mobility and self-service capabilities, including ease of access to data.
  • Scalability: As UCLA continues to expand and explore new opportunities, it will be supported by a scalable system environment that grows with the University.
  • Quality: The new system will ensure that a high quality of data guides current and future endeavors, facilitating well-informed, data-driven decisions.


Guiding Principles

A project of this scale needs guiding principles in order to ensure the implementation and business transformation are carried out to the standard of quality expected. The following principles will guide the project team over the next two years as they partner with the wider University community.

  • Transformation: The project team is committed to transforming UCLA’s financial business processes, policies and technology to increase operational efficiency using Oracle’s delivered functionality to the greatest extent possible.
  • Transparency & Integrity: The project team is committed to transparency in decision-making and issue resolution. The team will communicate frequently and fully, to ensure accurate information is shared with the wider campus community.
  • Accountable Governance: Both the project and the future-state operating model will have a clearly defined governance structure that is communicated and understood throughout the organization.
  • Measurable Improvements: Transformed processes will be measured via qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) to track ongoing performance and identify continuous improvement efforts.
  • Timeliness & Punctuality: The project team will monitor resources, mitigate risks/issues, and make prompt decisions to ensure we remain on schedule.   

These principles will guide the efforts of the implementation team and will be the basis for evaluating decisions that arise during the project.