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Business Partner Experts

Business Partner Experts are a cross-institutional group of business leaders actively participating in the business process re-design efforts and focusing on understanding local change impacts. Experts in their respective areas, they help to communicate business needs and identify potential points of concern to the project team, while taking an active role in designing the new system and participating in testing.  

Because of the size of our institution, we have categorized Business Partner Experts into four groups: Academic, Non-Academic, Research, and those associated with the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), in order to best serve their specific areas of expertise and benefit from their institutional knowledge. 

Below is a chart listing business partners for the Ascend Project. Please feel free to contact the representative for your area with any questions.


Ascend Specialists are an extension of our Business Partner Expert group, who will, in partnership with BPEs, provide critical feedback and insights into the financial business processes for the Oracle Cloud system.

Because of the notoriety and interaction the Ascend Specialist role brings between Business Partner Experts and their departments, the Ascend team will work in collaboration with Ascend Specialists to proactively inform and educate others in their units throughout the duration of the project and post-go live, as part of the overall Change Management and Training effort.

View the list of Ascend Specialists.

Meeting Resources

Missed a meeting or want to get up to speed? Ascend BPEs and Specialists have access to all meeting presentations, timelines, Q&As and more in the Resource Library.

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Academic Business Partner Experts 

Anderson Graduate School Aki Fujii
Anderson Graduate School Jami Jesek Carman
California Nanosystems Institute Jeff Korerat
College of Letters & Sciences Kathleen Micham
College of Letters & Sciences Caleb Na
College of Letters & Sciences Susan Swarts
College of Letters & Sciences Amy Yip
Graduate Division Samuel Bersola
Institute of American Cultures Carol Fujino
International Institute Ronald Sugano
Library Doris Wang
Luskin School of Public Affairs Rowena Barlow
Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Jeffrey Goldman
Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Nicholas Belli
School of Arts & Architecture Warren Thomson
School of Dentistry Andrew Alexan
School of Law Jason Trevino
School of Music Jesse Cano
School of Nursing Willie Dawson
School of Public Health Kathleen Kiser
School of Theater, Film & Television Matthew Donat
Summer Sessions Steven Angelo
UNEX Bob Woo

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Non-Academic Business Partner Experts

Academic Personnel Erika Chau
Academic Senate Executive Office Valeria Dimas
Academic Senate Executive Office Elizabeth Feller
Administration Agnes Warren
Ashe Student Health Center Rick Valdivia
Campus Life and Recreation Maureen Wadleigh
Capital Programs Accounting Brian D. Milhorn
Central Ticket Office Andrew Lam
Chancellor's Office Kevin J. Smith
CRA (Recreation) Mick Deluca
Department of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Subdivision Randi Kusumi
EA - Advancement Services Nancy Mendez
EA - Advancement Services Teresa Ibarra
Enrollment Management Vernell Dixon
Environmental, Health & Safety Colin Dimock
Facilities Management Jim Lazear
FAO Susan Dimotakis
Geffen Academy  Nancy Rodriguez
Housing & Hospitality Sarah (Quinn) Dundish
Housing & Hospitality Tina Chen
Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Iacoi
Intercollegiate Athletics Rebecca Yee Sanchez
Internal Audit Ethics & Compliance Edwin Pierce
Office of Information Technology Cory Smith
Office of Instructional Development Ed Amescua
Office of Insurance & Risk Management Dean Malilay
Real Estate Anne Chow
Residential Life Suzanne Seplow
Strategic Communications Marianna Wolfe
Student Academic Services An Pham
Student Affairs Yogini Purohit
Transportation Eric Lew
Transportation Sylwia Szcepnek

Research Business Partner Experts

Bioengineering Stacey Fong
DGSOM (Dean's) Christopher Bronsdon
DGSOM (DOM) Cathy Rujanuruks
DGSOM (MIMG) Lana Song
DGSOM (NPI) Christine Lavoie
DGSOM (NPI) Hari Wijesekera
DGSOM (Pediatrics) Thomas Kaner
DGSOM (Surgery) Ivan Cortez
HSSEAS (Dean's) Lee Yang
HSSEAS (Electrical & Computer Engineering) Shirley Yee
Letters and Sciences (Chemistry and Biochemistry) Eileen Sir
Letters and Sciences (MCGB) Brian Rubke
Letters and Sciences (Physics and Astronomy) Joe Harvey
Nursing Michelle Aranda
PARC Steven Acosta
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences/SEMEL Jason Huang
Public Affairs (Financial Services) David Jaquez
Public Health (Center of Health Policy Research) Adrian Manalang
Public Health (Public Health Policy and Management) Allison Kamerman

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School of medicine Business Partner Experts

Anesthesiology Wendy Ma
Biochemistry/Brain Research Institute/ IGP Phillip Kwan
Biomathematics/Neurobiology Mark T. Lucas
Clinical & Translational Svc Anne Skinner
Emergency Medicine Bonnie Cheung
Family Medicine Andrew Titus
Family Medicine Wendy Songer
Geffen School of Medicine Christopher Bronsdon
Geffen School of Medicine Charles Hajek
Head/Neck Surgery Anna Diep
Human Genetics Anne Carson
Jonsson Cancer Center Melissa Fitzmaurice Neligan
Lab Animal Medicine Leigh Ann Haas
Medicine Kristin Kuntz
Medicine Cathy Ryu
Medicine Albert Haro
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Shannon McClenton
Molecular Pharmacology/Crump Christine Wang
Neurology Geoffrey White
Neurosurgery Nagwa Khattab
Obstetrics & Gynecology/Urology Gil Ruiz
Ophthalmology/Jules Stein Eye Institute Jonathan Smith
Orthopedic Surgery Serey Theam
Pathology & Lab Medicine Christopher Hernandez
Pediatrics Mark Kimura
Physician Support Katherine Ann Hale
Physiology Lynette Hand
Radiation Oncology Travis Gilchrist
Radiological Science Ennily Chan
Transplant Surgery Todd Pruitt

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