Ascend Releases Chart of Accounts Building Blocks Videos

The Ascend team has released two new videos to help the University better understand the strategy and structure of UCLA’s new Chart of Accounts (CoA), which will replace the current Full Accounting Unit (FAU) structure. For more information, visit the Chart of Accounts Redesign page.

Best Practices, Reporting Trees & Hierarchies

This video outlines how UCLA’s new CoA uses defined reporting trees and hierarchies as a means for organizing our financial transactions. It visualizes how transactions are rolled-up to higher levels in the hierarchy, and outlines the hierarchical numbering system used to organize values. Click below to view the video.

Modules, The General Ledger & Reporting

This video examines how Oracle Cloud Modules speak to UCLA’s General Ledger, how the new CoA structure will enhance our reporting needs. It explains how transaction details will be housed in Modules, allowing for the General Ledger to remain just that: General. Click below to view the video.